Lesson in Social Media Writing Article

Lesson in Social Media Writing Article

I found this article to be quite useful and relevant since I just started my own blog. Not only is this article interesting for bloggers but for ANYONE, I guess you can say everyone, on social media. The reason we write things online is for people to see them and share them, right? Here are some tips from the article to help set yourself apart from the crowd:

1) Write as if you are addressing a specific audience.

2) Use all of your social media accounts (Twitter, Linked In, etc.) to get more followers. People only follow you if they have a reason to, so use those social media savvy skills. 

3) Show some personality and write about people…people love reading about people!

4) Lastly, make it shareable. Think to yourself, would you share this? If so, post it!


These are all very useful tips for anyone out there in the social media world. If you want to be “heard” on social media think about if you would want to read what you are posting. After all, it all begins with you!


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